Survival PVE Server +!


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WELCOME to Imaginecraft!

We are a very friendly, new, server. Though we are NOT 24/7. I run the server off of my computer, not a website! That also means no donating! :D We offer many plugins to meet your likings! If you like a plugin we don't have, please tell us, and we will add it! Plugins offered to normal players are Disguisecraft, Essentials, and Factions. Soon, there will be a new Bending plugin, I just need to get it to work! If we think you are a more advanced builder, you may get ranked up to builder, and given Worldedit too!

To protect your area, you may join a faction, create a faction, or request Worldgaurd from an Admin, Co-Owner, or the Owner. There is now also Lockette!

The staff is very friendly, and we would love to have you here on Imaginecraft! Our staff is very small, and will be looking for some more members soon, but please don't beg for ranks. We have to observe you're behavior and building skills before our decision is final.

Our current staff:

Owner: Vannah2000

Co-Owners: Ostringo524 and Findog75

Admins: Reco201 and Subzero0727

Mods: Sonicmania7

We also have a shop that will be coming soon, so be patient! To get money for the shop, you must sell items either at the shop, or items that you have in your hand, or inventory. You can also buy things off of Admins and Up!